Effective marketing

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This article emphasizes, correctly I think, the importance of online reputation to small and medium sized businesses. This is an incredible tool that is available to smaller businesses, but they don’t utilize it effectively. Online reputation is becoming more and more important in this age.

Cause knowledge is power!

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Understanding how the industry of web libel works is important to solving whatever problem you’re having with web libel. This article gives some assigned reading to help you to understand exactly how the industry works and how web libel companies do what they do. Although I can’t speak to the caliber of the books, it is definitely important to educate yourself on the topic.

Portrayal on the Internet

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This article, along with the polling, speaks to the rise of the so-called “online reputation”. This is how you, or your business, are portrayed on the Internet. Search results, especially from Google, make up most of this reputation. But corporate reputation management is not easy, or instant, it requires hard work and time.

Lessening the pain

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“Bad news travels fast on the Internet”. Never have truer words been spoken about the online community. Kryptonite, a bicycle lock company, found this out the hard way in 2004 when someone posted something on an online forum showing that a ballpoint pen could open the Kryptonite lock easily. Personal Reputation Management perhaps could not have prevented this secret from becoming public, but it could’ve lessened the pain that the company felt because of it.

Hello world!

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