Singing the Praises of ReputationHAWK

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There is a lot of content on the Internet that is laughable, that is fun, that is silly. Like all pranks, though, there is a point at which it stops being funny and becomes quite serious. This is true online too. When pranksters decide to take aim at companies and individual’s reputations, by gaming search engines, it is much more serious. A man or woman’s reputation is something that they must live with, whether it has been acquired fairly or unfairly, through lies or truth.

Companies can lose hundreds or thousands of possible clients from vicious lies spread on the web that find their way into search results. This can directly counteract the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars that these companies spend on advertising to attract additional clients.

The only way to defend against this sort of anonymous online slander is to hire an online reputation management firm. is the website of a company that helps to repair the injured reputations of individuals and companies. They do this by de-emphasizing the negative comments and replacing those links with more positive articles or blog postings.

Everything that I have read about this company says that they are very successful at what they do. Customer reviews, interviews, blog posts—all have sung the praises of Reputation Hawk. The Chicago Tribune, NewsWeek, Businessweek, and Time have all featured the innovative company in profiles of the industry or direct interviews.

Proven strategies

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All of the suggestions in the article linked below are great–and they work well. However, most search engine reputation management firms are capable of doing far more than any individual can by himself. Furthermore, since this is what they do for a living, they can devote far more time to it. They are also likely to have developed proven strategies to help push down negative websites.

Ethics and Image

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Is it alright to bury consumer reports that might help a consumer to avoid giving money to a business that will not deliver a product as promised? Internet defamation has become a serious problem online, but is it ethical? The answer that I would give is quite simple: Every company has a right to respond to critics and publicize themselves in a way that is positive.