Google Expanding Review Process

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Sunday 31 January 2010 10:08 pm

Google is constantly making changes that effect the reputation management services industry. This keeps professionals in that industry on their toes as well as refines and reforms the ways in which Google’s system for searching. However, these changes often make it easier for misanthropes, disgruntled employees, and underhanded competitors to damage your reputation. Google’s latest change has been to compile reviews about businesses from all over the Internet, including newspapers and blog posts. This will decentralize the reviewing process for Google, commentator Mike Blumenthal gives his analysis at the link below.

“By expanding the sites from which reviews are gathered and expanding the pools of reviews, Google will be able to aggregate this sort of information about many more places. It could very well portend a shift in the review landscape, moving power way from centralized review sites towards active and aggressive hyperlocal sites,” Blumenthal concludes.

The reputation management industry experiences shifts in the search formula and review process constantly, but this could be a dramatic change to how reputations are maintained online.