Students Realize Businessmen Use Google Too

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Students are showing an increasing amount of concern about what their online reputations reflect about them. After school they have to go into the real world and interview for jobs, which is no easy thing in a competitive time like this. Students need to be ever-mindful of how professional their facebook is going to look when they are looking for jobs.

Some students worried about how their online presence will be perceived by a potential employer are taking the extraordinary security step of changing their names on the social network Facebook.

In this down economy, with heavy competition for jobs, Maryland students and new graduates are joining an emerging national trend of modifying account names to elude snooping recruiters.

It is good that students are starting to realize this, because businessmen have long used Google to identify less-than-professional applicants. If students have done irreparable damage to their reputations, they might want to consider a search reputation management campaign.

The Non-discreet Husband-Tweeter

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I have seen many explanations of why personal reputation management is needed, but the article linked below is one of the most creative and demonstrative. The real life examples of Toyota and Tiger Woods are impressive, but they lack the impact of a more personal example like the one below.

When it comes to social media, your husband is what you’d call a classic oversharer. He tweets the details of a disastrous dinner you made and posts less-than-flattering vacation pictures of you on Facebook. In your estimation, he has no sense of boundaries. His view is that this newfound form self-expression is all in good fun.

The story, and the solution of the author, goes on at the link. It’s a very useful story–and hopefully one with which you have no personal experience.

Smalltown Meets Big Internet

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Sonoma Valley seems to  be ahead of its peers in understanding the value of web reputation management. They are bringing two workshops to the Valley concerning online marketing strategies.

These three-hour workshops are provided through the Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Instructor Janet Wentworth is an SBDC business advisor and technology consultant, with expertise in branding, product marketing, internet marketing, product introductions and partner relationships. In addition to a degree from the UC Davis, she holds a master certificate in internet marketing from USF and is a certified guerrilla marketing coach.

The article I’ll paste below is more of a event-notice than a proper article,  but it is indicative of how small businesses all over the world are learning about the importance of their image online.

IRM Goes I

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The article linked below is actually from a Middle Eastern news source. It seems as if international reputation management has that name for a reason. The author urges businessesmen that read the column to utilize international reputation management services to their benefit.

A strong corporate reputation generates confidence, in the present as well as in the future. It generates a feeling that the corporation is in the hands of safe and responsible leaders. And that is what matters.

The author is obviously right. Reputation matters, that is why companies spend billions on advertising each year. However, online reputation is becoming increasingly important relative to all other ways of creating or maintaining the company’s reputation.