An Inextricable Connection

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This article points out a truth that too few people in the un defamation industry understand, which is that your online reputation is inextricably connected to your personal or business reputation. That is to say, anything that you or your company does that is highly positive or negative, in reality, will be reflected in your online reputation.

This brings me to my second point about personal reputation versus your online reputation and how people perceive you. For example, if you are in a position in life such as a journalist where you are supposed to be unbiased, having your opinions about political elections or other controversial issues posted on your site could alienate readers, or cause you to be challenged about your reliability and integrity.

The author is certainly right–the line between our online and real-world lives is blurring. Whether that is for the better or worse, I don’t know.

Torii Hunter Mispeaks, Gets Called Racist

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Professional baseball player Torii Hunter has a reputation for being honest–but he may have been too honest when he said Latino baseball players were “impostors”. The comment occurred in the context of a discussion about African American players and Latino’s being perceived as “black” players. Those comments set off a firestorm of criticism from the blogosphere. Many bloggers have willingly engaged in online defamation, misrepresenting Hunter’s statements as racist.

“What I meant was they’re not black players; they’re Latin American players. There is a difference culturally. But on the field, we’re all brothers, no matter where we come from, and that’s something I’ve always taken pride in: treating everybody the same, whether he’s a superstar or a young kid breaking into the game. Where he was born and raised makes no difference.”

Hunter was very clear in his blog that his word choice was wrong but that he was in no way racist. Still, the blogosphere isn’t going to let Truth stand in the way of a good story that will drive traffic.

Toyota’s Problem

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Where did Toyota go wrong? Well, producing flawed cars to begin with was a bad start. But, as the following article points out, it was their response to the issues (or the lack of a response) that really injured them.

There is every reason to believe Toyota will fix its technical and management problems. The question is whether, panicking in the very un-Japanese glare of the American media and political spotlight, it will dig a deeper hole by losing the air of trust and reputation for competence among customers it has spent so long building up. That would be bad for Toyota and for America.

If Toyota wants to rebuild trust with consumers, and its reputation, it will have to do two things. 1.) Put out safer vehicles. 2.) Launch a comprehensive online reputation campaign.,0,6420503.story