Interview of Darrell Long at Search Engine Journal

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This is a video of Darrell Long over at Search Engine Journal discussing reputation managers at an event called SES San Jose in 2008. The very informative interview is conducted by Jason Billingsley for Get Elastic Ecommerce.

Ignoring Negative Comments Isn’t Productive

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Every internet reputation expert knows that transparency is a big part of combating online libel. However, it isn’t everything–unfortunately people can still libel you online, regardless of how open and transparent a business is.

And if the big boys working with big budgets and expensive consultants aren’t prepared for organised social attacks, how on earth can SMEs cope? All it takes is a disgruntled ex-employee, a dissatisfied client or a supplier that hasn’t been paid and your reputation – online and off – is in tatters.

The real lesson is that you cannot ignore social media or online criticism. People will find an outlet for their anger and post their negative comments all over Internet. Online reputation, though it is often ignored, is an extremely important thing to developing and established businesses alike.

Facebook and Employment

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Facebook, long celebrated for its ability to connect people across the world, is suffering from some negative drawbacks. We have long known that social networking could have negative effects on individual’s Internet reputation, but the latest survey from Microsoft has been enlightening.

Many students and recent graduates are even changing their names on Facebook pages, according to CNN, and tightening privacy settings as well.

There’s a good reason: According to a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft, 70 percent of recruiters and hiring managers in the United States have rejected an applicant based on information they found online, CNN reports.

The information considered inappropriate ranges from comments to “unsuitable” photos and videos, as well as criticism of employers, co-workers or clients. One user, who changed his name on his Facebook page for about two weeks, before realizing there were numerous other search categories that could direct a prospective employer to his site, told CNN that “prying into his online life” makes him uncomfortable.

Job seekers should be very careful about what is being put out about them. Google yourself often and take the necessary steps to fix the problem yourself or get reputation  management services.