Adding LinkedIn To Your Job Search

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The Internet is being used more and more by employers as well as job seekers. A prospective employer may well use sites like Facebook and Twitter to research candidates for a specific position, which means that overly personal photos and status updates could result in you struggling to get the job you want.

On the other hand, recruiters and employers all around the world are using social networks for professionals (like LinkedIn) to fill some of their most important positions. According to this video from one US recruiter, it is considerably cheaper than using resume databases and carries a numbe of other distinct advantages to both sides.

LinkedIn profiles are also more visible. Search engines like Google do not index every single page of resume databases and your resume could be stored privately so it will never show in search results. In contrast, LinkedIn profile pages are indexed and they are crawled regularly so can help with managing your online reputation before, during, and after your hunt for a career.

By increasing the size of your network, you are increasing your potential to find employment. Look through your friends’ contact lists and if you find somebody that you would like an introduction to, then ask that person if they’d be willing to make the introduction.

By building your reputation on LinkedIn it is possible to land your dream job and once you’ve filled it, the contacts that you’ve made during this time can prove useful in your everyday work too. LinkedIn is a powerful professional social network and because employers and recruiters are using it, then you as a job seeker should be on there as well.

Online Reputation and Twitter

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This video describes how to monitor online reputations through twitter. This is an important tool because Twitter is indexed by Google and the social networking site shows up in Google search results too. The video is very instructive in this regard. Online reputation management services can help and are discussed briefly in the video.

A Good Interview on ORM

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This interview is a good one, it comes to us from the Small Business Summit. They discuss international reputation management in detail–a very accurate discussion of the topic.

$6 + Lots Of Imagination = Senior Copywriting Job With Young & Rubicam

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It’s no secret that the Internet can be used for just about anything, including finding a new job or changing career. Alec Brownstein wasn’t happy with scouring the results pages of the monster job site or joining social networking websites like biznik and instead embarked on his own unique brand of self advertising, spending a total of $6 and landing himself a top job in the advertising industry thanks to his unique and ultimately successful plan.

Many top executives (like the rest of the world) Google their names in order to check the results that are returned (it is, after all, an effective start to online reputation management) and copywriter Alec used this knowledge to his advantage creating PPC ads for 5 of the advertising industry’s top executives.

When executives including Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal of Young & Rubicam they were met with a brief sponsored ad at the top of the results page that read “Hey x; Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too.” Having bought top positions for five of the leading executives in the industry, he received 4 calls back and two interviews ultimately culminating in a senior copywriter’s position with Young & Rubicam.

Doing things differently and getting noticed is how many websites and online businesses have made their reputation and fortunes, and for Alec Brownstein it is how he landed himself a dream job and became one of the most famous job hunters on the Internet while bypassing the major job sites.

Is Social Networking Really A Viable Form Of Marketing A Website?

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Social media optimisation or social networking for business has proven to be one of the stand out gains in the last few years. Many more businesses are taking it up as a means to generate traffic for their business website or to increase brand awareness. It is also extremely valuable as a tool to improve or repair your online reputation as it can help to flood the top search results with informative or positive results concerning you, your brand, and your business. If you’re still not sold on the concept of social networking for your business then take a look at the following video clip.

Reputation management has long been considered a critical part of business. Word of mouth marketing remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing a business because it not only gets the word out but it also helps to instil confidence and a sense of trust from potential clients towards you and your company. Social networking can be viewed as being the online equivalent of word of mouth marketing as people post their experiences online.

By using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube it is possible to create a real buzz about a new product launch but this can sometimes be outweighed by bad press that might already be published on the Internet about you and your brands. Look after your online reputation and it will help you to generate the kind of results that you want for your business or website.

Who Doesn’t Check Their Facebook Every Day?

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“Who doesn’t check their Facebook every day?”

There are lots of different ways to use Facebook and other social networking websites in order to promote and improve the performance of your business. This interview looks at one such way, although it’s not likely to be as effective for all businesses as it seems to have been for Sharkeez.

One way of using social networking sites to help promote your website is for branding or for reputation management. In business terms as in many people’s social life, reputation is hugely important.

A good reputation is equivalent to word of mouth marketing that not only generates leads but generates trust and authority at the same time.

In contrast, a bad reputation on the Internet is visible to anybody that takes the time to look and the percentage of people that do take the time is growing massively.

If you have negative reviews or articles that are less than positive posted on the Internet then you should do what you can to counteract them. Having them removed is unfortunately highly unlikely but it is possible to bury them in the search results so that they might as well have been deleted.

Internet reputation management services can help you to do exactly that and provide you with the happy side effect of helping you with SEO. Start blogs, create social network profiles (with links to the rest of your online real estate where possible), and add more branded pages to your own site. Upload video and share photos too; do anything to get the good word out about you and your business.

Google’s Matt Cutts On Better Google Visibility

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This video’s been around for quite a while now but it still has some useful tips on how to improve your visibility on Google’s search engine results. If you’re attempting to flood the higher echelons of the search results with website pages, blog posts, and social network profiles that you create yourself then you need to ensure that you’re getting the best results possible for your hard work.

As ever, two of the more prominent points in the interview regard the use of keywords for on-page content and the development of your link profile.

Including keywords on your page isn’t just good practice for SEO. It can prove hugely beneficial for improved product or company branding and it can also be beneficial if you’re undertaking an online reputation management program.

It’s important not to get too carried away adding multiple instances of your keyword every few words of content but do insert it where it makes sense and use it in the title of relevant pages. In the case of reputation management, the keywords we usually refer to are brand names, product names, company names, or your own personal name.

Building links is also important although less so for your social networking profiles than for your own web pages, blog posts, and other hosted online real estate. These too should use your keywords and you should remember that the higher the authority of the linking site, the greater the benefit that your own web page will receive from the link and ALWAYS avoid multiple links from spammy link farms and spam pages.

Interview with Andy Beal

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This video is an interview with Andy Beal about the importance of online reputation management. It was taken at the 2009 SES Chicago conference.