Insurance Agents and Online Reputation Management

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The problems of Online Reputation Management are often quite difficult to even understand, much less solving the problem. Videos are occasionally helpful in order to clear things up. One can fit much more information in much less time, without being overwhelmed.

This video is from a guy who discusses Insurance Agents and Online Reputation Management. It’s pretty good, if a little too specific.

Matt Cutts At Google I/O 10 Giving SEO Advice

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Ok, this is by no means a short video clip and it certainly wouldn’t find a place on but it’s all the more useful for that as Matt Cutts and three other search experts give their advice and guidance on SEO that can be used by any website owner in order to improve their own rankings and results. As you would expect in slightly more than an hour of footage they cover a massive range of different topic ranging from content relevancy to the Mayday Google algorithm update.

The Google I/O Conference is an annual conference that is geared almost solely towards developers and website owners rather than searchers and daily Google users. In this year’s I/O Conference there were more than 90 displays and talks that spanned a range of development topics.

The video is actually taken from the site review session. Apparently Matt put up a request for websites on his blog and received hundreds of websites to be reviewed. Although they made a pretty good stab at it, the team didn’t quite manage to get through the lot.

Some of the topics are the usual kind of stuff covered by SEO conferences. Relevancy has always been a popular topic of SEO for many years and one that Matt undoubtedly gets questioned about on a regular basis but it is one worth noting. He also talks about the importance of on page content, benefiting from breadcrumbs, and much much more.

Common Misconceptions About Online Defamation

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The following video is very instructive for those who do not have much knowledge on the issue of online defamation. John W Dozier Jr., a respected lawyer on this issue, gives a presentation in which he explains what exactly qualifies as Internet defamation and what does not. The video is really about the misconceptions that surround online defamation law, which even confuses many lawyers.

The second part of the video can be found here. This video shows why search engine reputation management is so important–to combat online defamation when the law cannot.