British Show Talks Online Defamation

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This excellent video, taken from a British talk show, discusses issues like fake Facebook profiles and online defamation. The show, called Richard & Judy, talks at length about online defamation. Kerrie Harvey and Graham Cluley guest star on the show and offer their opinions on internet defamation.

Long Tail Search And How To Optimise For It

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Long tail search is considered by those in the know at Google to be a sure fire sign that a website is populated naturally through organic content writing, and anybody that’s read the Matt Cutts blog or done any research into SEO or search engine reputation management will know that these are exactly the sites that can be primed to go a long way in search results. So, this raises a number of questions specifically on how to optimise your website for so called long tail keywords.

First of all, it’s important to define a long tail keyword. It is typically a search phrase consisting of at least 3 words, usually more. It receives very few searches individually but will also attract very targeted traffic, generate excellent conversion rates, and when all long tail keywords are combined they can actually generate a huge amount of traffic, conversions, and profits for your website.

The problem is that with nominal searches conducted for these phrases, most keyword research tools won’t display them so how do you find out what they are?

The simple answer is that you write naturally about the topic of a page, provide valuable information, and let the words do the rest. In reality, though, it doesn’t hurt to give the words a helping hand.

Look through your site logs and your site analytics in order to find keywords that are generating traffic. Don’t ignore those that have only generated two or three hits in the last month and consider whether there are any other related long tail keywords you can work into your content.

Here’s Matt Cutts talking about the MayDay update and giving a little insight into long tail keyword optimisation.

Model Fights Back

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In this video we see that a model was the victim of some online defamation. Instead of taking it lying down, she fought back.

Model Defamed

The video just goes to show that anyone can be subject to online defamation. Whether you are famous or obscure, nice or mean, tall or short. The malcontents who commonly do this will spare no one.

This is precisely why search engine reputation management is so popular these days. People do not like being defamed and want to fight back against such injustices.