American Morning’s Online Reputation Management Segment

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Andrew Keen is a good source to go for opinions on online libel or defamation–he has a lot to say that is worth listening to. CNN’s American Morning tried covering the issue of online reputation management. Andrew Keen did a good job of explaining the issue, though he certainly could have done better in some respects. While you can tell the anchors understand the material, they certainly do not have the grasp of the material that is required in order to truly discuss the root problems of this issue.

If you want to watch the video, click here.

The video is well-worth watching, if only more shows took an interest. American Morning on CNN–thank you!

The Whiteboard Worth Watching

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SEOmoz is a trusted name in online reputation management. CEO Rand Fishkin is a guru of Internet privacy issues, SEO, and yes, online reputation. His series of videos, known as whiteboard fridays, is wonderful. In the video featured here, he discusses google reputation management.

Rand Fishkin Discussing Brand Management

The best part of the video comes right at the beginning, when Rand Fishkin discusses which websites and tools you can use to monitor your online reputation. This is a crucial part of monitoring your brand management effectively. Knowing the problem is half the battle, right? Well, Rand Fishkin is helping to inform you for the battle! His tips are Google News, Google Blogs, Technorati, Digg, and several others. The video is well worth watching, so do so!