The Importance of Privacy and Industry Media

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 24 May 2011 4:51 am

It is not often that you see online reputation management being discussed online. This video opens up with talks about privacy on The Early Show, which is on CBS. The young man representing the reputation management industry does a very good job of presenting the fundamental issues and the solutions that ORM professionals try to offer.

The truth is that online reputation management is not an industry that is very well understood. The more positive press, like this, that we get, the better. Digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong is as good of a representative as I’ve seen for the industry. The discussion on The Early Show is good because it reaches a demographic who likely know little about the industry.

Interviewing on Online Reputation Management

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Monday 16 May 2011 9:40 am

The Internet is all about user-generated content right now, and what that means is that often very negative rumors or statements can find life on the Internet where they would be unable to find life on TV or in newspapers. For this reason, everyone from graduating college students to high profile CEOs are turning to the online reputation management services for help. Negative content online can come from all quarters, anyone from your ex-girlfriend to random malcontents on the Internet. This interview is a pretty good one about the phenomenon of reputation management.

This video sums up pretty well how many professionals in the online reputation management industry look at their jobs. The guy getting interviewed is a professional from Australia, so naturally there are some technical differences between the industry there and here in the States, but the same basic rubric applies.