Adding LinkedIn To Your Job Search

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Wednesday 26 May 2010 7:51 am

The Internet is being used more and more by employers as well as job seekers. A prospective employer may well use sites like Facebook and Twitter to research candidates for a specific position, which means that overly personal photos and status updates could result in you struggling to get the job you want.

On the other hand, recruiters and employers all around the world are using social networks for professionals (like LinkedIn) to fill some of their most important positions. According to this video from one US recruiter, it is considerably cheaper than using resume databases and carries a numbe of other distinct advantages to both sides.

LinkedIn profiles are also more visible. Search engines like Google do not index every single page of resume databases and your resume could be stored privately so it will never show in search results. In contrast, LinkedIn profile pages are indexed and they are crawled regularly so can help with managing your online reputation before, during, and after your hunt for a career.

By increasing the size of your network, you are increasing your potential to find employment. Look through your friends’ contact lists and if you find somebody that you would like an introduction to, then ask that person if they’d be willing to make the introduction.

By building your reputation on LinkedIn it is possible to land your dream job and once you’ve filled it, the contacts that you’ve made during this time can prove useful in your everyday work too. LinkedIn is a powerful professional social network and because employers and recruiters are using it, then you as a job seeker should be on there as well.

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