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Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Wednesday 27 April 2011 7:09 am

This video, which I stumbled across on Youtube, is a great resource for any blogger who is also concerned with Internet reputation management. This video answers a very popular question–what effect, if any, will a blog-roll render upon a website’s google search results. The short answer is: Yes, it can have an effect. No, that effect is not always good. But honestly, Matt Cutts is the man to explain this, not me.

Reputation management services professionals would do well to listen to Matt Cutts, he is responsible for making some of the most important decisions regarding Google, search results, and online reputation.

Essentially any advice or wisdom Matt Cutts has for me, I am more than willing to listen to.  To do otherwise would just be foolish hubris–Cutts is the undisputed guru of all things reputation management.

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