Repumatic Can Make Reviews More Fair

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Reputations are built online these days, as much as offline. It is a fact of the online reputation world that online reviews play a huge role in shaping online reputations these days. This is because many of the worst cases of online defamation stem from defamatory online reviews on websites that are designed to attract traffic through controversy.

Major corporations have had their fair share of meltdowns and know it takes only one negative customer experience to explode online, causing significant damage to their reputation.When large companies experience negative feedback that goes viral, they promptly respond to the problem, admit they did wrong, vow it won’t happen again, and revamp their procedures. Should you suffer the setback of viral negativity, follow mega-corporations and take responsibility — “right” your “wrong” — and generate a plan to prevent the situation from reoccurring. Just as the initial negative complaint was publicized online, publicize your renewed customer service policy, and remember to always provide patients with superior care.

If online reviews are the problem for a company, then Repumatic might be the solution. Repumatic has put together a series of reviews websites that are highly effective at deflecting or minimizing online defamation.

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