Who Doesn’t Check Their Facebook Every Day?

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“Who doesn’t check their Facebook every day?”

There are lots of different ways to use Facebook and other social networking websites in order to promote and improve the performance of your business. This interview looks at one such way, although it’s not likely to be as effective for all businesses as it seems to have been for Sharkeez.

One way of using social networking sites to help promote your website is for branding or for reputation management. In business terms as in many people’s social life, reputation is hugely important.

A good reputation is equivalent to word of mouth marketing that not only generates leads but generates trust and authority at the same time.

In contrast, a bad reputation on the Internet is visible to anybody that takes the time to look and the percentage of people that do take the time is growing massively.

If you have negative reviews or articles that are less than positive posted on the Internet then you should do what you can to counteract them. Having them removed is unfortunately highly unlikely but it is possible to bury them in the search results so that they might as well have been deleted.

Internet reputation management services can help you to do exactly that and provide you with the happy side effect of helping you with SEO. Start blogs, create social network profiles (with links to the rest of your online real estate where possible), and add more branded pages to your own site. Upload video and share photos too; do anything to get the good word out about you and your business.

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